Teach your Relief Society lesson with confidence and joy!

Without hours of work,

starting from scratch,

or worrying about

boring questions

and blank stares.

If you constantly fumble through your lessons, I feel you, Sister.

There's nothing quite like asking a question and hearing .... crickets.

Or being so anxious about understanding a lesson that you just don't know where to start.

And you know what? So many other Relief Society teachers feel the same way.

You aren't alone.

Sound Familiar?

I can help you give an amazing lesson even if you lack the time, confidence, or have a ward that isn't talkative.

Anxious about teaching?
Feeling stuck on a lesson?
No idea where to start?
No problem.

Result #3

“When I feel stuck on a lesson I come to these lesson helps and they are amazing and help me build a fantastic lesson.”

– Katrina

Result #3

“Creating a lesson from a conference talk is a big responsibility and not an easy task. I really enjoyed this extra help with my lesson. The visual components are simple with lots of suggestions on which quotes might be useful and lots of suggestions for focus! My lesson was successful and I do believe the ladies left genuinely pondering the invitation to “Come into the Fold!” 

– Sally

Result #3

“Great lesson helps! I’m not good at developing discussion questions so this helped me out a whole bunch.” 

– Reney

If they can do it, so can you!


How anxious Relief Society teachers teach with confidence

hey there,

I'm Aretta

Can I help you find JOY in teaching Relief Society?

Are favorite callings like favorite children? 

Like – we aren’t supposed to have them? 

Then, shhhh … don’t tell anyone! 

Because – teaching Relief Society is by far my favorite calling.

But – let me tell you friend – it didn’t start out that way. 


The first time I taught Relief Society, I was TERRIFIED. 

I was overwhelmed. And felt under qualified.

I was young. “They” were old.

I felt inadequate to inspire. They were gospel scholars.


I had so many questions. Things like: 

Where do I even start? 

What kinds of questions do I ask? 

How can I make my lesson engaging? 

What if I ask a question and – eeeek! – no one answers?! 

And … so many more. 

 Do you feel the same? 

 I got to work, and dozens of tears and hundreds of prayers later, Conference Club was created!

Now… I love to help the sisters I teach not only have a great discussion, but also 

leave feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in their lives. 

…. And So Can You. 

Conference Club gives YOU:

  • Engaging workbooks – so you can understand the talk that is being taught.
  • Thoughtful discussion questions – so you can lead an engaging discussion.
  •  Supplemental quotes and activities – to enhance even the most challenging talks
  •  Beautiful slides – so you can present a beautiful lesson without spending hours putting together a presentation.
  •  Confidence to actually teach and invite the Spirit, because you are so ready! 

 Are you ready? Let’s do this! 

What's inside Conference Club?

In Depth Workbooks

So you can understand the principles being taught, and be prepared to share them with others

No more feeling overwhelmed by trying to understand the principles of each talk or wondering how to apply them to your own life!

Beautiful, in-depth workbook pages help you to go deep into what each speaker is sharing. You’ll better understand the principles being taught so you can, in turn, teach them to others. 

Thought Provoking Discussion Questions

So you can lead an engaging, Spirit-led discussion

No more asking questions that bring blank stares!

A variety of discussion questions are included to help you to keep the class members engaged. The provided questions are designed to encourage thoughtful sharing, engaging discussion, self reflection, and action.

Ready-Made Slides

So you can prepare a beautiful presentation ... and still have time for your family

No more spending hours trying to design your lesson presentation! 

Beautiful slides allow you to quickly put together an attractive PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. Simply drag and drop! Use the quotes provided or use the blank slides, then quickly and easily add the quotes you feel inspired to share with your sisters. I’ve even included a video to walk you through the steps. 

Handouts that Inspire Action

So those you teach can go home inspired to make changes in their lives

No more forgetting what the lesson is about before your class members even get home!

Handouts of my favorite quote come in a variety of sizes to share with your sisters. Or send them home with “homework” handouts that will help them take action. These are perfect to share with those serving in Primary and Young Women’s who miss out on class discussions. 

Additional Lesson Helps

So you can help the sisters be more involved and engaged in the discussion

No more teaching all on your own!

The provided lesson helps resources will help you put together a lesson where everyone feels engaged and a part of the discussion. Additional lesson helps include a lesson “invitation” that you can post the week before your discussion, a QR code page so everyone can easily join in, and actionable worksheet handouts so class members can be inspired to make changes. 

YOU can create an engaging discussion.
YOU can inspire action.
YOU can find JOY in teaching Relief Society.

Ready to teach with confidence?

Monthly Subscription


You choose the talks you want to study! 

Each month you’ll get your choice of 6 General Conference talks to study. Use them for your Relief Society lesson, for personal study or with your family! 

You’ll also get a Conference Journal every time Conference comes around! Plus you’ll get exclusive bonuses and fun printables just for Conference Club members!

Cancel anytime

Annual Subscription


{ that's 2 months FREE! }

You choose the talks you want to study! 

You’ll automatically get a years worth of points added to your account when you join! You can use these points at any time throughout the year. Download your favorite talks all at once or one at a time. With a yearly subscription, you have the flexibility to choose!

You’ll get a Conference Journal every time Conference comes around! Plus you’ll get exclusive bonuses and fun printables just for Conference Club members!

Cancel anytime

Join now and you'll also get:

Study Tips

Conference Club Help Guides will show you different ways you can make studying a part of your everyday life - for yourself, your family, or as a Relief Society teacher.

Bonus Printables

After each Conference, I'll add some favorite quote printables to the Conference Club bonuses section... and as a member, YOU get to vote on what quotes I create!

Fun Accessories

Get cute printable stickers, extra pages for organizing your workbook, and a NEW Conference note-taking journal every time Conference comes around.

How does it work?

When you join Conference Club, you’ll receive access to the Conference Club membership site, which includes study kits for all of the talks from last Conference! 

You can choose your favorite 6 talks to download and get started on right away! Then, each month, when your subscription renews, you can choose your next 6 talks to study. (If you select the yearly subscription, you can access all available talks – a years worth – at once!)

I’ll also email out a weekly talk suggestion. If you choose to follow along with this schedule, you’ll end up studying all the talks before next Conference comes along. (Don’t want to receive weekly talk suggestions? You can simply unsubscribe from them!) 

After the next Conference, new talks will be added in the first several weeks after Conference is over. And as a Conference Club member, you get to vote on which talks come first! 

Still have questions?

Send me an email - aretta@myupsidedownumbrella.

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