Do you want to
find JOY in
General Conference?

If you feel the overwhelm of studying General Conference, I've got you sister!

Do you ever watch Conference and have a desire to do better?

You make a list of changes you want to make.
And then as the days and weeks go on that desire
to change gets pushed to the back of your mind.

Suddenly - the next Conference is here again.
And you haven't made the changes you planned on.

You aren't alone!


Finding joy in LIVING latter-day teachings.

hey there,

I'm Aretta

Can I help you find JOY as you study the words of General Conference?

I’ve been there, friend. 

Made lists and plans of what I wanted to do after each Conference to improve. 

A plan to read each talk and follow the counsel. 

A plan to carry out all the things I felt inspired to do.

A plan to grow and improve myself.

But the lists were long.

The days were busy.

I wasn’t sure exactly *what steps* I needed to take to make things happen. 

And suddenly – the next Conference was here and I would realize that I hadn’t made the changes I had wanted. 

And I KNEW I needed a better way.

A few years ago, I felt a prompting to really make General Conference study a more important part of my life. Though I was reading talks here and there, I wasn’t deeply studying them and applying the counsel given. 

I wasn’t LIVING the principles the best I could.

And it felt overwhelming trying to study them ALL and apply all the things.  

At the time, I was teaching Relief Society and wanted to help the sister I was teaching really go home with a desire to LIVE the things we’d discussed. I began creating some worksheets for them, to help them take action on the things we’d learned. 

Then I realized – this was the perfect way for ME to study General Conference on a personal level as well. I decided to teat my General Conference study more like my scripture study. 

I started to read just ONE talk each week and find ONE most important thing in each talk that I felt prompted to apply to my life, then work at it that week.

And doing this turned studying Conference into a joyful experience for me! 

Maybe you feel the same? 

You listened to the talks last Conference and had a desire to make some changes in your life. 

But you haven’t yet.

Because you’ve been juggling Come, Follow Me. And FHE. 

You’ve been magnifying your calling. And rocking motherhood underneath it all. 

And so time for YOUR personal learning? 

It keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list. 

But it’s time for a change, Momma. 

Because your family needs YOUR testimony to be strong, too 

And I’m here to help. 

Overwhelmed by 35+ Conference talks?
Feeling prompted to study them all,
but no idea where to start?
I've got you covered!

Conference Club gives YOU:

  • An outlined schedule so you can know just which talk to study each week. (or occasionally two talks with similar themes)
  • Email support to guide and remind you of each week’s talk. 
  • Engaging workbooks – so you can understand the talk that is being taught.
  • Action worksheets to help you take ACTION on the principles taught.
  • Thoughtful discussion questions – so you can share your insights with your family. 
  •  FHE outlines – so you can teach General Conference to your children.
  •  Beautiful printables – so you can bring the Spirit into your home and to remind you of what you’ve learned. 
  •  Confidence that you can actually study and LIVE the teachings of General Conference.

You need it because

  • …you love General Conference, but feel OVERWHELMED at applying the teachings you learn there.
  • …you feel promptings to make changes to your life as you watch Conference, but never get around to acting on them.
  • …you tend to put YOUR OWN GOSPEL STUDY on the back burner as you focus on teaching your family the gospel.
  • … you want to apply the teachings of our latter-day leaders, but you DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.
  • … you have a DESIRE TO GROW and improve yourself. 
OR – you just love General Conference and want to study each talk in more depth. 

 Are you ready? Let’s do this!

What's inside Conference Club?

In Depth Workbooks

So you can understand the principles being taught, and decide how you will take action on the principles

No more feeling overwhelmed by trying to understand the principles of each talk or wondering how to apply them to your own life!

Beautiful, in-depth workbook pages help break down the talk into sections and allow you to ponder what each speaker is sharing. You’ll better understand the principles being taught so you can decide how to apply these principles to your own life. 

FHE Mini Lessons and Discussion Questions

So you can teach General Conference in your home

No more fighting to get the family to discuss General Conference talks! 

The FHE page gives you three short quotes and discussion questions to go along with them. You can lead a Spirit-led discussion with your family in just a few minutes. 

Printable Quotes

So you can beautify your home

No more forgetting what you read before the day is even over! 

Printable quotes come in a variety of sizes so you can print them out and post them where they’ll be the best reminder for you. You can even share them with your family and ministering sisters! 

Bonus Slides and Teaching Helps

So you can share General Conference in more depth

Though designed for Relief Society teachers, you could use this bonus content to share what you’ve learned with your family or ministering sisters. Use the beautiful slides as part of your FHE, or print them out to post around your home or pass along to your ministering sisters. 

You CAN study each talk before next Conference.
You CAN take action on the things you feel prompted to.
YOU can find JOY in studying General Conference.

Are you ready?

Monthly Subscription


You choose the talks you want to study! 

Each month you’ll get your choice of 6 General Conference talks to study. Use them for your Relief Society lesson, for personal study or with your family! 

You’ll also get a Conference Journal every time Conference comes around! Plus you’ll get exclusive bonuses and fun printables just for Conference Club members!

Cancel anytime

Annual Subscription


{ that's 2 months FREE! }

You choose the talks you want to study! 

You’ll automatically get a years worth of points added to your account when you join! You can use these points at any time throughout the year. Download your favorite talks all at once or one at a time. With a yearly subscription, you have the flexibility to choose!

You’ll get a Conference Journal every time Conference comes around! Plus you’ll get exclusive bonuses and fun printables just for Conference Club members!

Cancel anytime

Join now and you'll also get:

Study Tips

Conference Club Help Guides will show you different ways you can make studying a part of your everyday life - for yourself, your family, or as a Relief Society teacher.

Bonus Printables

After each Conference, I'll add some favorite quote printables to the Conference Club bonuses section... and as a member, YOU get to vote on what quotes I create!

Fun Accessories

Get cute printable stickers, extra pages for organizing your workbook, and a NEW Conference note-taking journal every time Conference comes around.

How does it work?

When you join Conference Club, you’ll receive access to the Conference Club membership site, which includes study kits for all of the talks from last Conference! 

You can choose your favorite 6 talks to download and get started on right away! Then, each month, when your subscription renews, you can choose your next 6 talks to study. 

(If you select the yearly subscription, you’ll get two months free AND you can access all available talks – a years worth – at once!)

Each week I will email out a weekly talk suggestion. If you choose to follow along with this schedule, you’ll end up studying all the talks before next Conference comes along. (Don’t want to receive weekly talk suggestions? You can simply unsubscribe from them and study the talks in any order you choose!) 

After the next Conference, new talks will be added in the first several weeks after Conference is over. And as a Conference Club member, you get to vote on which talks come first! 

Still have questions?

Send me an email - aretta@myupsidedownumbrella.

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